Global Network Coverage

Aiyta delivers SMS, MMS, 2 Way SMS, Incoming, and USSD services enabling customers to communicate with their own customers, suppliers and partners more economically, rapidly and dependably, providing control of every message, costs and real time delivery reports trough online cost effective messaging platform. These services empower businesses and organizations to take advantage of mobile messaging with network coverage to more then 800 operators in 200 countries worldwide.

Bulk SMS

Aiyta's Bulk SMS services allows for the effective high volume outbound SMS delivery to more than 800 operators in 200 countries worldwide at low rates.

HLR Lookup
The HLR or "Home Location Register" is at the core of every GSM mobile network worldwide. The HLR is a central database of all customers authorized to use the network, and is used by the network in the authentication of a phone when registering with a transmitter, either on the home network, or when roaming abroad. The HLR lookup feature allows clients to verify the validity of mobile numbers at a low cost, thereby saving clients money by sending SMS messages to legitimate, working mobile phone numbers.
2-Way SMS Communications via Short & Long Codes

Short codes are 4-6 digit numbers that are used to deliver and receive text messages and mobile content belonging to mobile campaigns. Both shared and dedicated short codes will be available for clients and can handle all aspects of the short code provisioning process with the carriers.

Long codes are standard 7 digit numbers that are used to delivery and receive text messages and mobile content belonging to mobile campaigns. As with Short codes, both shared and dedicated long codes are be available for use.

Aiyta's partnerships with local, regional, and international mobile providers allows for the provisioning of both long and short code mobile numbers for the purpose of two-way SMS communications in a variety of regions including North America, Europe, and the Caribbean.

Mobile subscribers are constantly looking to do more with their mobile and demand more from their mobile operator. Smartphones & apps have brought new services, but a large proportion of mobile subscribers still use basic handsets on a daily basis. With USSD, your subscribers are engaged with an interactive menu-based access to a range of services, without any software installation on their handset or SIM card.

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is a session-based standard for real-time transmission of information over a GSM network’s signalling channels, and is used for real-time, interactive and secure menu-based communication between a mobile user and a third party application. USSD-based applications do not require any special software to be installed on the mobile handset, or a data connection (such as 4G) to operate.

Aiyta's USSD app development and deployment services can help bring a range of interactive services to any handset, enabling real-time communication between mobile subscribers & a third party app.

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