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Our mobile app developers are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on mobile.
Appheros is a team of highly expert mobile app developers, offering end to end service of apps design and development for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.
Our mobile application development services help businesses to mobilize their sales force, increase efficiency of their product team and get new customers.
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Aiyta has a team of highly trained, expert mobile app developers, offering end to end app design and development services for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile, and HTML5 enabled mobile devices. The mobile application development services help businesses and organizations to mobilize and improve the efficiency of their team, as well as increase their audience. Discover what Aiyta's mobile apps development services can do!
Android App Development
With more than 1 million android devices being activated daily and approximately 1.6 million apps already existing on the market, Aiyta can facilitate the development and publishing of custom-built Android apps to this striving mobile community.

As an Android mobile app development company, Aiyta developers possess the required android platform development and associated Java technologies skill sets to develop and design apps that can bolster the android apps market. The custom Android application development service builds custom apps that are described by both clients and end users as responsive, smooth and overall user friendly. With the help of this open source, fully customizable platform Aiyta's mobile app developers will create an experience like no other for customers and their users, thus setting them apart from the competition and giving their brand extra notoriety.

While Aiyta's android mobile app development expertise spans across a variety of app categories, practically anything that can be envisioned can be developed.
iOS App Development
Since its inception, iOS has continued to gain in popularity and now boast of more than 1 billion iOS devices being sold. Additionally, more than 1.5 million iOS-based apps have been deployed to date. With its continued growth in popularity, iOS (iPhone, iPad) provides a world of opportunities for businesses and organizations to reach to millions of users of all nationalities and demographics using the Apple App Store.

Aiyta's iOS mobile app developers have years of experience in working with iOS and Objective C, and have catered to a clientele across industries, developing and deploying business apps (free, commercial), as well as in-house applications to the market. The iOS application development services provide excellent designs and always use the latest industry technologies and trends to ensure that custom iPhone/iPad apps are both future centric and backward compatible with earlier iOS devices.

Whether it is to acquire consumer-related information, increase brand awareness and engagement, extend community reach with social media or increase revenue through in-app purchases, Aiyta's iPhone and iPad application development service can provide the expertise to bring any iOS application idea to fruition.

Windows App Development

While Windows Phone OS is deployed on significantly less mobile and the handheld devices than other competing operating systems such as Android and iOS, more than 100 million devices have been sold since its launch in 2010. Aiyta's experienced app development team has the expertise in developing windows mobile applications that require Syncing with Microsoft Office and other software that run on windows operating systems.

In addition, they have experience in touch screen programming thereby enabling them to develop applications that use the accelerometer in the Windows Mobile Phones, and can provide a complete application feature set that leverages the GPS and Microsoft Virtual Earth Maps API.

So whether its providing 3D solutions for applications using the DirectX and DirectDraw APIs on the Windows Phone Platform, or developing applications for the Microsoft Zune and XNA platforms, or even porting applications from other platforms to windows mobile devices with similar capabilities, Aiyta's app development team can deliver.

HTML5 Cross-Platform App Development
With such a wide range of mobile devices and platforms (Apple’s iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile), coupled with the need to bring the desktop experience to those platforms and devices, there is an ever increasing need to:
  • provide the same rich end-user experience seen on the desktop on mobile devices
  • ensure that look, feel and function are seamless across platforms or devices
  • develop apps quickly, with low development costs
Building mobile apps using HTML5 cross-platform mobile development frameworks allows for the design and creation of native web apps that look, feel and function in the same manner across all devices and operating systems. Cross platform mobile app development also gives end users the ability to access mobile apps on all popular mobile and tablets plaforms with a single development effort.

Aiyta's mobile app development team has extensive experience with HTML5 cross platform mobile app development, and is dedicated to helping clients leverage the endless opportunities that cross-platform mobile apps provide.

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